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Welcome Teachers

Tomorrow Sport is a competition for Primary students (Years 5 & 6) and soon to be for Secondary students (Years 7 & 8). There is no cost to Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria member schools to participate.

The Tomorrow Sport competition promotes mathematical/statistical/DT literacy through participation in sports-related activities. These activities promote the development of numeracy, literacy, social and personal development, citizenship, collaborative and cooperative learning.

There will be Competitions in Terms 2 and 3. Each Competition is based on a new Challenge each week for six weeks. Each Challenge involves students in planning, conducting an activity, collecting data, preparing a response and uploading to the Tomorrow Sport web site.

Tomorrow Sport will provide six Challenges over the middle six weeks of term 2 & 3. The Challenges are based around Australian Rules Football. Your students will work in small teams to undertake activities that may include kicking a ball and collecting statistics on accuracy through to looking at the costs of staging a major football match. The student teams then produce a video each week showing their work which they upload and share. They may be asked to produce a spreadsheet, word document, video, slideshow, still images and so on, but will be required to finally upload a video presenting their results.
As their teacher you will assign a score to each completed Challenge. Each Challenge is linked to Digital Technologies Educational Standards, with a rubric to help you assess each one. After your approval, the work is published online.

Friends and relatives may visit the site and see the work the teams have undergone.

Team scores are displayed in a league table and at the end, prizes will be awarded to the top teams.

Tomorrow Sport has developed a partnership with the AFL, and other partnerships with other organisations are well on their way. They will be providing support for the Challenges in many ways. There are some really exciting prizes for the students of the winning teams.

Register here, we will contact you, then you can log in and sign your students up.